Types of Braces

There are many types of orthodontic braces that are used. In certain cases your orthodontist will recommend specific materials which will work better in your circumstance while in other cases you may have a choice. If your appearance is important to you and you do not want people to know that you have braces, in many cases you will be able to choose invisible brackets. Below are the most common types of braces:

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most common form of braces that patients receive. These braces have been modified over the years to become more attractive and more importantly, more comfortable. Metal braces are made out of premium grade stainless steel. Many younger children love these braces because they will have the option of adding colored rubber bands to the braces for an eccentric and beautiful smile.

Gold Braces

Gold braces are one of the newer forms of braces that many adults elect to have. In terms of pricing, they are similar to clear braces and in terms of structure, they are similar to the traditional metal braces. The difference is that these braces are made out of stainless steel and coated in gold.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are a great option for people who are worried about how they will be perceived with braces. They are made out of clear materials and look almost invisible which makes ceramic braces the leader in options for adults and older teenagers. One drawback is that these braces tend to be a bit larger than the metal braces making it not the best option for the lower teeth. If you only need the front teeth straightened, these are a great option or you can combine ceramic braces on the top teeth with metal braces on the lower teeth.

Invisible Braces

That’s right, they are invisible. This type of braces consists of teeth straightening aligners which are comfortable and removable. While you are eating and drinking you can take them out to avoid having food caught in them, making your dental hygiene process much easier. Another perk for invisible braces like Invisalign is that there is no metal, so your mouth will be free from abrasions.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are a unique invisible type of braces which customized for your teeth. They are metal but they are placed behind your teeth so that no one will notice. Lingual braces are designed for actors, musicians (who play wind instruments), athletes, models and other adult professionals.

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